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Our location and services

Docklands Health is situated a short 10-minute walk from the busy Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. Docklands Health offers all your healthcare needs. With enthusiastic and knowledgeable Docklands Chiropractors waiting to help with your concerns. We offer services to Docklands and surrounds. Docklands Health offers Chiropractic, physiotherapy, yoga, exercise physiology and massage. Therefore all your healthcare needs are in one place. Docklands Health is a  brand new practice and has been designed to create a relaxing, healing environment for our patients. We love helping people of all ages achieve their health goals. Our practitioners do this through thorough examinations, history taking and treatment protocols individualised to your needs and lifestyle.

The history of Chiropractic

Chiropractic begun in 1895 and was created by Daniel Palmer. Palmer claimed to cure a patient of his deafness by using a Chiropractic manipulation of the neck. Following this miracle, Palmer believed that the Chiropractic subluxation must be the cure to all disease. Therefore, he created a profession that utilised the most technically modern forms of medicines (at the time) to help people and he also added Chiropractic treatment. This original theory is very outdated and unsupported by scientific evidence.

Thus, the Chiropractic profession, like all other professions, has changed and grown for the better over the over 100 years, since it was founded. Now, Chiropractors still use their hands to heal, but techniques have changed. Chiropractors are much more adept at utilising science and reasoning to better help their patients. With a better understanding of anatomy and neurophysiology, scientists have found that Daniel Palmers’ reasoning behind curing the deafness of his patient is not possible. Since there is no neuronal pathway to connect the ear with any part of the axial skeleton.


Is it possible to explain the Daniel Palmer story?

If the story rings true, however, and Daniel Palmer did indeed cure his patients deafness with an adjustments, then there is a theory that may explain this ‘miracle’. Functional Neurology is a Chiropractic founded strategy to attempt to understand the brain and nervous system. This advanced neurology explores the impact we have on that system through Chiropractic manipulation. Dr Frederick Carrick is the founder of this branch of neurology. He has been featured on ABC news for his work with stoke and coma patients. In his Functional Neurology course there has been attempts to explain the deafness curing scenario. This explanation is done through the brain pathways and the knowledge that the brain works together in networks and that one area of the brain can excite another.

Therefore Functional Neurologists are able to conclude that by powerfully exciting an area of the brain through a Chiropractic adjustment, other parts of the brain that effect hearing could also be excited enough to restore the hearing of the individual. This however, has not been replicated and has definitely not passed normal rigorous scientific testing, it is just a theory.

We are lucky enough at Docklands Health to have Dr Michael Edgley who is trained in the Carrick Functional Neurology course to help more complex patients.

Docklands Health

Docklands Health, located on Collins St.
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