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Many people now look for complementary therapies to western medicine as they would like less invasive procedures and are interested in learning more about the biomechanics of their bodies. Professional Kinesiology Practitioners are trained to be equally competent in the physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of human existence.

We work on an educational biogenetic model using muscle testing and muscle monitoring. The outcomes identify the elements that inhibit the body’s natural healing processes – relieving pain, stress, muscular and nervous imbalances, detecting sensitivities, and nutritional deficiencies.

Kinesiology assists with psychological and learning disabilities, stimulates natural internal energies, and releases the untapped potential of the individual. Kinesiology works through the Triad of Health: Physiological, Psychological, and Anatomical. If you are interested in improving the function of your body and the balance in your life then Kinesiology is for you. 


Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient energy healing modality using the universal life force to effectively balance and heal the mind, body, and spirit. This is a powerful form of alternative medicine that enhances the body’s ability to relax and heal itself after becoming stressed, encountering trauma, and creating a state of disease while restoring Ki (life force energy) into your body, balancing the chakras, and removing energy blocks, this can be done with hands-on or hands-off in the sessions.

Petra has worked with different types of cancer patients and those in palliative care.  Distance reiki is a wonderful non-invasive beautiful treatment that can be done remotely for clients that are immobile or perhaps in palliative care or disabled. It is important that an initial consultation is organised in the practice with a friend or family member of the individual requiring treatment. The dynamics of this session can vary from case to case and we will work with the time zone required if overseas, so if need be outside of the clinic working hours.

About Petra

Petra - Kinesiologist and Reiki smiling

Petra – Kinesiologist and Reiki

Petra is someone who understands the need to maximise your potential and fulfill a quest for a healthier you. She has worked extensively with cancer patients and has fought personal health issues until finding a focus losing over 20% of her body weight and maximising her health and well-being through Reiki & Kinesiology.

When Petra is not seeing clients for Reiki she can be found exploring Australia and further afield writing for her luxury travel and lifestyle blog:  www.holdtheprosecco.com

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