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Is there a Docklands Health Chiropractor on Collins Street near me?

Is there a Chiropractor near me? Docklands Health is located at Shop 4/ 860 Collins Street Docklands 3008.

There are many ways to locate a Chiropractor in your work or home location. Websites such as www.yelp.com.au or www.chiropractors.asn.au/home/locate-a-chiropractor/ are an excellent resource but often time consuming to visit. Instead you can get all your health needs, including finding a Chiropractor, at Docklands Health.

For appointments call (03) 9088 3228 or book online.



Docklands health- a Chiropractor Near Me and For Me


The Chiropractors at Docklands Health love to help people get back to their best. By treating pain such as back pain, neck pain or muscle tightness associated with other conditions Docklands Chiropractors help serve the community. After meeting one of our friendly team members you will understand why Docklands Health is the ideal place for people looking to improve their health.


Docklands Health is a multidisciplinary health center boasting services including Chiropractic, Massage, Physiotherapy, Pilates, Yoga, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, personal training, Nutrition, Psychology and Exercise Rehabilitation. Our practice serves the area of Docklands, Port Melbourne, the Central Business District, Coode Island, West Melbourne, Fitzroy and surrounds. All our practitioners work together to achieve patient goals in the best and more efficient way we know how.

Chiropractors Near me

Many people who see a chiropractor present with Neck pain or back pain or Sciatica. While these are common and typical presentations Chiropractors have been taught to diagnose and manage numerous physical ailments that extend beyond these. Chiropractors are musculoskeletal practitioners, meaning they mostly deal with injuries to muscles, joints, ligaments and bones.

Chiropractors undertake an extensive 5-year study at university and a minimum 450 hours of clinical practice, as well as at least 25 hours of external learning per year to stay relevant to clinical practice. This allows Chiropractors to become primary healthcare practitioners where they can access, diagnose and treat patients with issues that are under the Chiropractors scope of practice. At Docklands Health our Chiropractors Justin Mitrevski and Michael Edgley work with one another to stay relevant with the latest research in healthcare so they can do their best work for their community. With the help of other healthcare practitioners around them our chiropractors are able to understand different perspectives towards health and well being and therefore can integrate this into their toolbox for treating and managing patient conditions.


For appointments call (03) 9088 3228 or book online.


Techniques Our Chiropractors Use

Docklands Chiropractic services at Docklands Health offer numerous techniques depending on numerous factors of each individual patient. The techniques used are:

As you can see Chiropractors utilise many techniques and have a large ‘toolbox’ to choose from.




How does the chiropractor choose which techniques to use?

Luckily the “Chiropractor near me” in Docklands will first assess and talk to you about your goals and/or condition before utilising any techniques. The initial Chiropractic session usually involved a detailed history taking of your health history. For example any previous medical incidents like car accidents or hospitalisation and list of medications you take. This is so the Chiropractor can see the bigger picture of you as a person in order to understand what treatment option will be best for your goals.

After a discussing with you the chiropractor will decide if they think they can help, and if they can will proceed with an exam. The exam will most likely consist of orthopaedic (muscle and bone deformities) and neurological (nerves and nervous system function) testing to see how your body is moving and rule out an serious or life threatening causes of pain. After ruling out any nasty conditions our Chiropractors like to take a functional approach to health. Most likely they will run you through some every day activities- like bending down into a squat or reaching above your head to see how the movement is impacting your body and if the movement pattern itself is what is causing the problem. Following this the Chiropractor must take all the information into consideration before discussing their view on the best management approach to reach the patients goals. They will discuss their thought and ask for any concerns you have before proceeding to implement the plan.

What if the Docklands Health Chiropractor can’t fix my problem?

Docklands Health Chiropractors are also trained to know when a patient has a problem that they cannot solve, and to refer out appropriately for investigation like radiographs (X-rays), MRIs, blood tests or to other health practitioners like dentists and neurologists when the condition is too complicated. It is vitally important for all Chiropractors to know where they stand in the healthcare system and to only operate withing their scope of practice.


Our Docklands Health Chiropractors Near Me

Justin Mitrevski


Justin has worked with some athletes, including an Australian Commonwealth games track competitor, skiers, snowboarders, a national level hockey player, a VFL player, a professional golfer, a women’s Aussie rules footballer, many men’s Aussie rules footballer and a professional sprinter.

Michael Edgley


Michael holds a Post Doctorate in Chiropractic Neuro Rehabilitation.  This qualification gives Michael the skills and knowledge to fulfill his special interest in dealing with more complex cases, particularly patients that experience the neuromusculoskeletal presentations of balance disorders, dizziness, vertigo, and migraines.

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