What We Do

Psychology services at Docklands Health are built on the premise that, in our personal and professional lives, everything we do we do for a good reason, even if those things are not good for us. Understanding why brings positive change and enhanced performance within reach. Our services are led by experienced practitioners who are long standing members of the Australian Psychological Society and are APHRA, Board of Psychology Registered. Consultations are confidential, non-judgmental, and our psychologists are collaborative, warm and highly professional.

We offer consultations face to face and via Zoom or equivalent web based platforms.

For appointments with a Psychologist call (03) 9088 3228 or book online.

Stress Management

– Maximising Resilience

– Minimising Risk

– Identifying Warning Signs

– Remedial Interventions


– Developing Core Skills

– Building on Social Capital

– Optimising Person-Centred Performance


– Developing Insight

– Clarifying Personal Challenges

– Exploring Alternatives

– Making Plans for Change

– Doing Things Differently


– Developing Insight

– Optimising Performance

– Identifying Barriers to Success

– Profiting from Feedback


– Identifying Causal Factors

– Strengths and Weaknesses

– Developing a Plans for Action

– Addressing the Role of Avoidance

– Supported Reintegration

– Strategies for Relapse Prevention

Our Psychologists

Psychologist Dr Malcolm Winstanley-Cross

Dr Malcolm Winstanley-Cross

Malcolm is a highly experienced AHPRA registered psychologist who has worked and lived in Australia, the UK, The Netherlands and the US. He brings a uniquely collaborative approach to his work with clients. Malcolm is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and as a former Chair, he is a Chartered Life Member of the Division of Counselling Psychology with the British Psychological Society.

He bases his practice on the premise that everything we do, we do for a good reason, even if those things are not good for us. Malcolm believes that understanding why we think, feel and behave the way we do is a necessary first step to achieving sustainable change.

Docklands Health

Docklands Health, located on Collins St.
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