What We Do

Docklands Health offers a range of tailored services that are built upon the concepts of Person-Centred Performance and Human Capital. The offer consists of one-to-one and group interventions specifically focussed on enhancing the individual and collective capacity to contribute to health and wellbeing and organisational success.

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Stress Management

– Maximising Resilience

– Minimising Risk

– Identifying Warning Signs

– Remedial Interventions


– Developing Core Skills

– Building on Social Capital

– Optimising Person-Centred Performance


– Developing Insight

– Clarifying Personal Challenges

– Exploring Alternatives

– Making Plans for Change

– Doing Things Differently


– Developing Insight

– Optimising Performance

– Identifying Barriers to Success

– Profiting from Feedback


– Identifying Causal Factors

– Strengths and Weaknesses

– Developing a Plans for Action

– Addressing the Role of Avoidance

– Supported Reintegration 

– Strategies for Relapse Prevention

Our Psychologists

Dr Malcolm Winstanley-Cross

Malcolm is a highly experienced AHPRA registered psychologist who has worked and lived in Australia, the UK, The Netherlands and the US. He brings a uniquely collaborative approach to his work with clients. Malcolm is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and as a former Chair, he is a Chartered Life Member of the Division of Counselling Psychology with the British Psychological Society.

He bases his practice on the premise that everything we do, we do for a good reason, even if those things are not good for us. Malcolm believes that understanding why we think, feel and behave the way we do is a necessary first step to achieving sustainable change.

Docklands Health

Docklands Health, located on Collins St.

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