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How to find a good Chiropractor in Docklands

A good Chiropractors (like all medical practitioners) can be hard to find. Our team at Docklands Health love serving the Docklands community. We want the best for its residence and those who travel to work here from places like Port Melbourne, Southbank, Federation square and surrounds . We have therefore created some tips in what to look for in a Chiropractor.


For the best outcomes you will need to find someone who is compatible with you. If you have a busy lifestyle you need a chiropractor who can fit your needs. Someone who works efficiently, while not sacrificing quality, in order to get you the outcomes you need to continue with your life. If you’re looking to make a big change in your life you need a Chiropractor who is enthusiastic. You will also need someone willing go the extra mile to help you on your journey.

Chiropractic is a wonderful profession and Docklands Chiropractors are some of the most respectable chiropractors in the Victoria.


Technique/ philosophy

As chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine it is important to know what your chiropractor believes in. It is also important to know what techniques they use on patients to get them to achieve their goals. Some of techniques are:

More information about the specifics of some of these techniques can be found in this easy to read article https://www.angieslist.com/articles/5-common-chiropractic-ajustment-techniques.htm

As you can see there are a lot of different techniques and thoughts within the chiropractic profession. So we definitely recommend doing a little research before booking an appointment with your local Chiro. Even https://www.youtube.com/ has videos of chiropractors doing their job.

Experience/ Knowledge

This can be a tricky ideal to navigate. While on one hand experience cannot be bought and is crucial to great outcomes for patients. However, newer chiropractors often have more knowledge about the latest techniques and science surrounding chiropractic. This is because they have recently graduated. Make sure to choose someone you are confident and comfortable with. Being relaxed and trusting your Chiropractor can sometimes be just as important as the treatment they provide.

Word of mouth

If one of your friends or family members tells you about a great Chiropractor then take their advice. People love to share their success stories with their Chiropractors and when someone you trust has had a good experience and wants you to share it too, then it’s more than likely going to be a good experience for you too.

We hope you find the perfect Chiropractors in Docklands.

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