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Docklands Health-Chiropractor Docklands

Looking for a Chiropractor in Docklands? Fortunately, our team at Docklands Health incorporates Chiropractors into the multimodal approach to healthcare we are so proud to offer to the residence of Docklands, West Melbourne, Port Melboure, Flagstaff Gardens, the Central Business District and surrounds.

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Chiropractor Docklands

A Chiropractor is defined as a practitioner who in involved in complementary healthcare that is founded by the assessment and diagnosis of misaligned joints. However, Chiropractors offer services far beyond this. With a minimum of 5 years of training at University, Chiropractors also learn soft tissue techniques to relax muscle tension, how to use medical equipment such as stethoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and blood pressure cuffs in order to allow them to diagnose patient illness and disorders.

While chiropractors are known for their work with the spine, low back and neck, they are trained to diagnose, assess and manage a variety of musculoskeletal condition. Chiropractors undergo extensive training to enable them to recognise when a patient is in need of further medical attention or needs the assistance of another person to meet their goals.


How much does it cost to see a Chiropractor in Docklands?

A visit to the Chiropractor differs in cost depending if you have private health insurance or not. Most private health funds cover Chiropractic roughly $20 per visit for regular visits, and more for the initial visit. It is worth checking with your healthcare provider what you will be covered for before booking to see a Chiropractor.

Fees for Chiropractors currently range from about $100-$150 for initial appointments and $55-$80 for return appointments. This is up to the discretion of the individual clinic. You can see the fees at Docklands Health by clicking HERE.


Chiropractor Docklands Health location

Most people find the easiest way is to type Shop 4 860 Collins Street Docklands, 3008 into google maps and let google take them to us.

Southern Cross station is the closest railway to Docklands Health. After the train stops exit the opposite end to marvel stadium, which is towards the take away food shops like Red Rooster. Then walk the 800 meters (10-Minutes) down Collins street and we are located on the right hand side, roughly 40 meters after Flight Centre. You will see the bright colours of the Docklands Health logo on the windows. Alternatively there is a tram that travels the same walking path. After exiting Southern Cross station cross the road for trams heading away from the city. Both tram 11 and 48 will take you almost to our doorstep if you exit at stop D17.

Docklands Health- Chiropractor Docklands is an exciting new clinic built with the purpose of having all healthcare needs in one place. We have physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, pilates, psychology, nutrition, cupping, dry needling, personal training and more!


Docklands Health

Docklands Health, located on Collins St.
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