As term 1 drawers to an end, you may have noticed our kids acting a little stranger than normal!?  Things such as sensory overload, poor sleep hygiene, and fatigue.  This all leads to less spatial awareness or sharpness, lowered agility or response time, decreased concentration, and poor reflexive response during impact or falls.  I know you see them walking into walls at the moment. 😊

These are especially visible in a post-viral individual.  Yes, that’s coronavirus!  And this results in an increased falls risk, poor response time in impact sports, poor proprioception/joint position sense, and poor exercise recovery.  This all means an increased injury risk.  The number of kids’ injuries that are present at the moment, is just not normal.

Kids are deeply tired, and they are getting hurt because their brains are fried, not because they are unfit.  It’s been a school long term for their developing neurology and the load upon their brains has been more impactful than the physical one on their bodies.

So, with Easter coming up, let’s allow our kids to rest as much as possible through sleep and reduced stimulation.

Below is a video about reaction times and how it impacts both kids’ and adults’ daily lives.

Happy Easter from Docklands Health

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