Bowwen Therapy Now Available

Bowen Therapy Now Available

The Docklands now has a new health modality available. Bowen Therapy is a form of bodywork known for its gentleness and speed of its effects.  Bowen Therapy was developed in Geelong by Tom Bowen after decades of working with athletes and injured labourers. Today practitioners around the world use this gentle technique to treat every type of person from newborns to the elderly and with a wide range of ailments from injury to physical illness such as digestive or respiratory problems.

Daily tasks and movements such as sitting for too long, poor posture or injury from exercise can cause misalignment in your body. Long term this causes compensation, restricting blood flow and movement. Bowen Therapy uses gentle, rolling type moves on specific points of your muscles and soft tissue which release the tension held in your muscles to reset your body’s natural healing ability and allow balance to be restored.

Docklands Health is excited to introduce the newest member of their healthcare team. With years of experience in her own practice, Leila Field adds more knowledge and tools that allow a broader range of treatment options for our community. Leila is passionate about working alongside other professionals to assist her clients to achieve their health goals and live pain-free lives.

Bowen Therapy has shown huge improvements when used for physical pain such as back, neck, or shoulders. Digestive and respiratory illnesses including asthma, sinus problems, and anxiety. As well as Chronic illnesses like chronic fatigue, migraines, fibromyalgia, and sciatica.

Bowen Therapy is available at Docklands health for you to book now.

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