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What is Yoga?

Millions of people have benefited from Yoga. Yoga means union, it is a Hinduism practice which focuses on union. It is a quest to experience the divine. While there are many types of yoga the main goal is usually to experience divine feelings. Paying homage, selfless service, worship and surrendering ones self to the divine are the cornerstones of yoga. 


What is Yoga used for?

Many people benefit from yoga. It is a peaceful technique utilizing stretching, poses and breathing techniques to align the mind and the body with the breaths. Certain poses are designed to help inflammation, heart health and posture. Reducing stress and anxiety are well known to correlate with doing yoga. People find they’re able to let their minds relax and become more in touch with their own body following sessions of yoga. 

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Mansi is an internationally certified 200 RYT yoga instructor. She has completed her yoga teacher training from Rishikesh, India, the city popularly known as ‘Yoga capital of the world’.  She is an IT professional but has a deep passion to learn and share the old-age wisdom of yoga with others.


Growing up in India, she was exposed to Yoga and it became more prominent in her life since the last 7- 8 years. She believes in teaching yoga in a traditional and holistic way which is not only the asanas (yoga postures) but also pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Yoga is an experiential practice and works on an individual’s body, mind and soul. You can join her for sessions on Hatha Yoga, restorative yoga, Yin yoga, Pranayama, Meditation.


Mansi’s yoga sessions can help a beginner or any level practitioner of any age to learn the foundations of Yoga, correct alignment and techniques of mindfulness

Who should do Yoga?

Yoga can help identify problems that you didn’t know you had. Yoga aligns us for the day, it is designed to shift your mindset to be in tune with your body and appreciate feelings, thoughts and surrounding going on around you. Our classes are designed for all skill levels. Yoga is a journey, there is no perfect way to perform yoga and we encourage people to practice yoga consistently, even if that is just once a week to keep in touch with their bodies.

Some people might think yoga is too difficult and they’re not flexible enough. Our yoga is designed for everyone, and is used as a meditative tool. Mind, body and soul. So no matter your fitness level or body type there is a level of yoga that is for you.  

We focus on deep breathing and useful stretching mostly, so everyone should be able to enjoy the health benefits from yoga.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular within health care for people who want to be happier and healthier. People practicing yoga may experience mental health benefits, low back pain, relief from asthma, better flexibility and better sleep.

What can i expect?

Why talk about it when you can do it! Try this! Standing comfortable on two feet, centering yourself. Notice your breath for a few minutes. When breath in raise your arms and when breathing out lower your arms. That’s about as simple as it gets! Just doing that simple exercise is great. We encourage our clients to reflect on how they feel after yoga. So think about your body, your breath and how moving made you feel.

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