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At Docklands Health, we can assess and help manage a variety of conditions.  Our multi-disciplinary approach caters a solution for you. 

What are osteopaths?

Docklands Osteopathy boast osteopaths who are alternative medicine practitioners. They utilise an array of skills from their 5 year University degrees. These skills include manual readjustments. This is where the Osteo will use their hands to provide relief through quick movements and gas release within the body. Myofascial release is a favourite of osteopaths. They will try to aid in the healing process by using specific techniques to relax muscles and tissues quickly and efficiently. 

Most importantly osteopathy teaches practitioners to understand the complexities of the body. This allows Docklands 3008 osteopaths to understand individual needs for management of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.  


Osteopathy 3008 

Osteopaths pride themselves on being up to date with the latest research surrounding the human body. Not only do they provide treatment on the spot but also offer individual advice for home care to make sure your complaint is managed properly. This home care can be for acute complaints such as ice/heat or relative rest. It can also be for longer-term solutions such as posture advice or exercise prescription. What’s most important for our 3008 Osteopathy clinic is that we are patient-centred. This means we put the patient’s health first, which is either through individual care or a multimodal approach utilising the skills of the other practitioners within the clinic. 


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