Neck Pain Causes and Information

Trying to find out why your neck hurts? Here is some helpful information on neck pain causes.  

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Neck pain causes- First and Foremost

Neck pain/discomfort can be as a result of a serious underlying condition. This page is not designed for diagnosis or self treatment. We always recommend seeking the advice of a trained professional before making any decisions about your health in regards to neck pain. 

There are a number of joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, veins, arteries, glands, lymphatics and soft tissue structures that can cause pain in the neck. Due to the complexity of the neck it is vital that you take pain here seriously especially if you have any other the following characteristics:

  • Over the age of 50
  • Under the age of 20
  • Accompanying fever, malaise or nausea
  • Weight loss
  • Intense new headache
  • Severe stiffness
  • Numbness, weakness or tingling down the arms, legs of in the neck itself
  • Pain lasting longer than 6 weeks
  • Pain is not improving (getting worse)
  • Light tapping causes pain

For more information you can visit the Physio-pedia website. 


The image below shows part of the anatomy of the neck that can lead to health issues. 

Some neck pain causes from Docklands Health

Once the serious causes of neck pain have been ruled out one can start to look at issues surrounding the anatomy that can cause pain/discomfort. You can visit our neck pain page by clicking HERE. This page has more information on Disc Pain, Facet Joint Disorders, Torticolis and Whiplash.

These are structural cases of pain which may occur spontaneously (torticolis) or as a result of trauma (whiplash). What this page will discuss are neck pain causes due to posture, tension and stress. 


Neck Pain Causes- Posture

Posture is becoming increasingly more important and the public is slowly becoming more educated on how posture can impact their health. On average the human head weights about 4-5kgs, which your neck is designed to hold up easily. However, with forward head posture or “text neck” this 3kg weight now hangs forward and must be help up by the muscles and ligaments at the back of the neck. This adds extra pressure and fatigue to these structures putting them under stress and strain that is abnormal. This can cause aching types of pain as lactic acid builds in the tissues.

Potentially this can lead to long term changes in the structure of the spine. Sometimes this can cause degeneration of the spine more quickly than if a ‘normal’ posture was maintained. Degeneration and changes to structure of the spinal segments within the neck can lead to disc swelling and nerve irritation that cause more spark pain and even pain down into the arms or back of the head. 

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