Maryam Dadvar

Maryam Dadvar


Education and training

Maryam studied Physiotherapy at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Prior to that, she received a BSc degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences and an MSc in Special Needs Education from Tehran Azad University. Maryam is also qualified in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates.


In a previous life, Maryam was a high school teacher for 10 years. She taught students with special needs such as students with a disability, autism, and down syndrome. She was also a guest lecturer at Gorgan Azad University where she taught physical education.

Treatment method

Maryam is passionate about physiotherapy and improving the physical health and well being of her patients. Her method is mainly based on exercise therapy, manual therapy, joint mobilisation, muscle energy techniques, and taping adjusted to the patient’s needs. She also practices Clinical Pilates and organises training sessions for her patients.

Outside the practice

Maryam loves sports and playing board games with her family and friends. She plays basketball and is a member of Laurimar basketball team. She is also passionate about hiking, cycling and camping. In the holiday season, you won’t find Maryam easily as she likes traveling off the beaten tracks.

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